Cleared customs price

The Cleared Customs Price is the cost to purchase a JDM car from Japan,

shipped to Vancouver, BC, Canada and ready to pick up.

Why do we use this price?

The overall cost can depend greatly on where the car goes afterwards. Different regions have different tax rates, and the farther from the port, the higher the shipping rates. To keep our quotes consistent, we will always talk in terms of “cleared customs price”.

Some dealers might indicate the “landed price”, and depending on the dealer this might be misleading. There are a number of costs that could come after the car lands, including the port fees, excise tax, GST and our fee. The cleared customs price is a term that better reflects the total of all costs.

When searching for your next JDM vehicle, we can give you an estimated price range for what the vehicle might go for. You would then tell us how much total Canadian dollars you would like to spend to get the car to Vancouver, BC, ready to pick up – and if you win, that is the maximum that you would pay. If we win it for less, you keep the savings!

Cleared Customs Price includes:

  • Car purchase
  • Japanese agent fee
  • Japan inland transportation
  • Export fees
  • Ocean shipping and insurance
  • Import fees
  • Our fee
  • GST
  • Duty
  • Customs clearance

Cleared Customs Price Excludes:

  • Provincial or State Sales Taxes
  • Cross-Canada or USA shipping
  • Safety / inspection costs

Why is this price not a flat rate?

Ocean shipping is calculated by volume and weight. A large SUV or van can cost twice as much to ship compared to a standard sedan; likewise a small kei car could cost half that of a sedan.

A portion of the costs also vary with the value of the vehicle. Duty and GST are included, and are based on the cars value. Very expensive vehicles also have extra dealer fees.

What currency are your prices in?

Any cleared customs price that we quote is in Canadian dollars, this includes the inventory pricing on our main website, b-pro.ca.

The auction portal at bids.b-pro.ca and auction.b-pro.ca only have the option for Japanese Yen or US Dollars. Yahoo Auctions Japan at yahoo.b-pro.ca is also listed in Japanese Yen or US Dollars, as we don’t have control over what currencies those applications calculate.

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