The Total ‘Cleared Customs’ Price

We always talk in terms of total cleared customs price/cost to make things simple.
All of these are included in the total cleared customs cost:

  • Vehicle cost
  • B-Pro Auto’s only charge of $1,000 (including GST)
  • Export costs, internal shipping in Japan, agent fees, Japan customs/de-registration, recycle fees/excise tax
    (if applicable)
  • Ocean shipping and full marine insurance
  • Canada customs cost


This includes the CBSA, CFIA inspections, terminal fees, customs brokerage fee, duty, excise…everything up to the point of being ready for pick-up at port!


This is our standard way of shipping your custom ordered JDM import vehicle. It means ‘Roll on, Roll Off.’ That’s pretty self explanatory. This term applies to Ocean shipping. Now, we do bring in a Container of 4 vehicles and assorted parts from time to time when we are in need of a parts shipment. Your car will only be put in a container shipment if you consent. It’s a bit riskier in terms of shipping damage because of the loading/unloading process into the containers.


This is the short form for ‘Out of Province inspection’ Every vehicle from another Canadian province, the USA, and yes….even Japan must get an OOP inspection in the province you live in. Commonly required items are Day-time running lights, d.o.t. head lamps, brake pads, tires, etc. Some registry agents will tell you that a JDM vehicle also needs to get a federal R.I.V. inspection. This is not the case for a vehicle imported from Japan! Being 15 years old, they are exempt.


We are willing to match the price of any competitor in terms of our import brokerage fee.
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