Hope Ethiopia

B-pro Auto fundraises, and provides vehicles to NGO’s such as HopEthiopia (www.hopethiopia.com) operating in a small town an hour and a half south-west of Addis Ababba in Ethiopia. In the summer of 2012, B-Pro Auto along with project90’s assistance was able to fund-raise $15,000 dollars to send a Diesel Toyota Hilux pick-up truck to HopEthiopia. This vehicle had to be converted to left-hand drive to comply with Ethiopian laws. But it was the perfect choice for this remote village of Harbuu Chululee, because the dirt road that leads up to the village is very bumpy and requires a highly capable and durable vehicle. Being one of the only vehicles in this village, it sees constant use on demanding terrain, something that only the toughest pickup truck can withstand. As top gear has proven, the 3L Diesel Toyota Hilux is the perfect vehicle for the job. Here are a couple pictures of it in action in Harbuu Chululee, Ethiopia.

Impact Ministries

At the moment, we’re raising funds to send several vehicles to Impact Ministries in Tactic, Guatemala. This Campaign is called “Bucks 4 Trucks.” We currently have just over $11,000 dollars and we’re sourcing vehicle #1 at the moment. Now, we’re planning to send left-hand drive Canadian vehicles for this particular project because after running the calculations it just makes more sense. Vehicles must be newer than 10 years old to import into Guatemala, and they are not very right-hand drive friendly. But it’s an exciting project, and we’re delighted to be able to fund-raise to support a growing organization that is truly making a difference. If you want to donate, it’s 100% tax receptacle, and you can donate directly to ‘Bucks 4 Trucks’ on the Impact Ministries website. Click special projects>>>Bucks 4 trucks: http://impactministries.sponsorsoft.ca/init/donate/index

We’re also currently looking to establish more connections with other growing charitable organizations that could benefit from the use of an additional vehicle. Any referrals to an organization in need would be much appreciated.

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