You have the option to for us ship your car directly to the port, or to the shop then to the port after we successfully acquire a vehicle for you.

1)  Auction → Shop in Japan→ Port

  • In the winter months, of course, we have no choice but to send it to the shop first because the coolant needs to be changed to ensure it does not freeze during transport. This will be covered by B-Pro Auto at no extra cost.
  • Sometimes clients will still prefer to have a vehicle shipped to the shop before coming to Canada because we can get another inspection done, oil and filter changed at no extra cost, and a bunch of additional photos. We will also include images of any blemishes that can be found on the vehicle. You can also ask any further questions that you may have, or for specific things to be checked, or specific work to be done.
  • This is worked into the total cleared customs price, there’s no charge above the ‘total cleared customs price’ for this!

2) Auction → Port directly

  • In the non-winter months, this option will save around $300 from the total cleared customs price if you choose it!
  • We can still get approximately 10 extra photos taken of the car from the port staff
  • Depending on the shipping schedule, this can sometimes expedite the ETA by about a week if we can get the vehicle on an earlier shipping vessel.
  • We can not have the oil/coolant changed or any further inspection or modifications done if we select this method.

Once you’ve ordered the car in Japan it takes an average of 4-5.5 weeks for the car to arrive at the Port of Vancouver.  Shipping from Japan to Vancouver, of course, is included in the total cleared customs price. Once it arrives in Vancouver it goes through customs, which takes 5 business days. Again, this is included in our total landed cost. It is then ready for pickup at the port in Vancouver, or further shipping within Canada. Please note that we can ship to the Halifax port instead if that is preferred!

Vehicles are strapped down securely, without risk of other vehicles colliding into them. If that does happen, the full ICC-A ocean shipping insurance will kick in. At B-Pro Auto, we do everything in our power to streamline the shipping process and take any risks and variables out of the equation so that you can have complete peace of mind.

* – Note: Vehicles can be shipped to Halifax instead of Vancouver. Make sure to contact us if you wish to make this change.

Year-round Pre-servicing

Vehicles are transported to a shop in Japan before heading to port. The coolant is changed to ensure the system doesn’t freeze during transport. The oil and filter are changed, more photos are taken, and it is inspected again. All at no additional cost to you. This is a great time to ask for additional work to be done to take advantage of parts availability and local knowledge of your JDM vehicle.

Summer Savings

Vehicles can be transported to the port directly, and could save you around $300 from the total cleared customs price and about one week’s shipping time if you choose it. You can still get some extra photos from the port staff.


We are willing to match the price of any competitor in terms of our import brokerage fee.
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