We can store your car
until it is legal to import
to Canada or the USA

Often enough there’s that one car you really want,

but it might not be legal just yet to import – but it’s close!

Don’t worry – we have storage solutions in both Japan and Canada.


There’s a variety of options in Japan to store your vehicle before it comes over. At one of our main facilities in Japan there’s a fenced yard that vehicles can be stored for a few months before they’re legal. This is the most economical option, as many choose to have their vehicles come to this facility for an oil and coolant change before taking the journey to North America. It is only monitored by the staff who are there during the week.


Secure and monitored outside storage is also available off-site, providing additional security and amenities to store your JDM car for a moderate amount of time, generally under a year.


Enclosed, climate controlled and secured storage is also available in Japan, however given their restrictions on space, these come at a premium.


Close to our Calgary location, we have access to the best automotive storage facilities. There are personnel that live on location, with direct line-of-sight to the compound. It has gated access, 24-hour video surveillance, alarms, and a response team for the discrete location. It’s clean, heated and circulated air, with a detail bay, air station, paved driveways and parking areas.


Depending on the type of storage required, the monthly cost could be anywhere from $150-$350 a month Canadian. There may also be a setup fee if the vehicle needs to be prepared for and transported to and from the storage location.

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We would be happy to import a JDM vehicle for you! Please contact us to discuss the details of importing from Japan to Canada with B-Pro Auto, or to ask any other questions you may have! We would love to start the conversation with you.

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